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  1. PTFE Cartridge Filter

    PTFE Cartridge Filter is highly retentive hydrophilic or hydrophobic membrane filter, ideal for critical applications. It has outstanding chemical compatibility as well as high flow per surface area than other membrane cartridges due to its all-propylene construction.
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  2. Pleated Dust Collector Cartridge

    Pleated Dust Collector Cartridge presented by us is manufactured using top-grade polyester with various coating as per the application needs of our valued patrons. This type of cartridge is designed in such a way to make the dust collection cartridges in equipment.
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  3. PP Spun Cartridge Filter

    PP Spun Cartridge Filter we present is made of top-grade density media that makes it the best suitable for clarification and pre-filtration usages where high particle removal is main concern.
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  4. PP Wound Cartridge Filter

    PP Wound Cartridge Filter is manufactured by making use of a high speed, constant wind process which creates the finest one-piece filter with multiple diamond shaped tunnels that get steadily smaller from the OD to the core.
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  5. Poly Ether Sulfone Cartridge Filter

    Poly Ether Sulfone Cartridge Filter is designed to provide wide chemical compatibility due to its high flow rates at low pressure drops. Ideal for aqueous based liquids, it does not have adhesives, binders or surfactant. It is made from graded PES with developed technique, guaranteeing its ability to meet ASTM bacterial validation standards. Perfect for industry of acid, base & solvent filtration, & beverages, Inks, dyes & lacquers, Protein solutions, etc., Poly Ether Sulfone Cartridge Filter can be availed in different lengths, grades, sizes and patterns.
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  6. Sintered Cartridge Filter

    Sintered Cartridge Filter brought forth by us is designed to be utilized for the filtration of air/liquid at higher operating temperatures as well as corrosive environment. This type of filter is fabricated from graded stainless steel with the help of approved cold isostatic pressing technique that provides high porosity and stability to the material.
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  7. Resin Bonded Cellulose Cartridge Filter

    Resin Bonded Cellulose Cartridge Filter is manufactured from graded cellulose fibers, which are intrinsically bonded together by using a melamine resin for producing a strong, porous and durable structure.
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  8. PP Pleated Cartridge Filter

    PP Pleated Cartridge Filter is designed to be utilized as an effective membrane pre-filters & as final polishing filters for a lot of liquid processing applications. It is featured with double layers thickness and high-grade porosity design, ensuring its ability to remove particles in sequence like the smaller particles by the tighter inner layers and larger particles by the more open outer layers. Ideal for industry of metal finishing, cosmetics, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and water treatment, PP Pleated Cartridge Filter comes in varies and grades.
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  9. SS Wiremesh Cartridge Filter

    SS Wiremesh Cartridge Filter is best suitable for high temperature (250°C and above) and high viscosity usages. Made of SS304 or SS316 or SS316L, the filter provides great reliability for critical usages and has excellent dirt holding capacity, super mechanical strength, high chemical compatibility and outstanding thermal tolerance. The cartridges are ideal for reusable and cleanable applications in order to remove frequent cartridge change out. SS Wiremesh Cartridge Filter is effective for beverage industry, stream filtration, corrosive gas & liquid filtration, Chemical reagents, Vent applications, Fluidization, etc.
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